Renyman Masukume

I grew up in a mountainous village called mlelezi in matebeland north, zimbabwe. I fell in love with art from a young age because of nature in the area I grew up in (i was surrounded by rivers, mountains and all sorts of wild animals) to me nature is an art because it speaks to my inner being. I told myself that I am a creator, just as god calls us gods in the holy bible.

My passion for art grew even more since 2009 when i started working under a brilliant south African artist, louis Olivier. I also had the privilege of working with William Kentridge from 2012 to 2019.

I love putting together different kinds of objects to form a single piece. I believe there is life in everything that exists, be it in a stone, piece of wood or anything. Every object lying around is conversing to the one next to

Nationality: South Africa