Changing The Narrative: Mashumi Art Thrusting the Spotlight on Painters of Our Time

19 May 2021

By BA Staff

Although people appreciate it in different ways art has over centuries been used to articulate and express important moments in a peoples history. It has been used to reflect and express ideas, thought, moods, beliefs, and spirits of a people or a generation in time and space. Over and above its symbolism and the intrinsic value in it art has, as an age-old phenomenon, had a profound impact on the world’s social and emotional growth and wellbeing.

It therefore goes without question that artists bear an immeasurably important role in our lives and bear a profound responsibility towards society: they have a responsibility towards society, their local communities, and the world at large. They have a responsibility to document and reflect existing human circumstances and conditions. They are a vehicle of expressing collective emotions and responsible for unearthing the truth. However, this responsibility goes further: artists must connect with the people and inspire. They are a vehicle for messages of hope. Art and the artists who create it are therefore crucially important. This is one of the many reasons we treat (visual) art as an important facet of this platform and recognise those who play an important role (especially locally) in this realm.

We recently checked out an art exhibition titled Painters Of Our Time that took place at Mashumi Art Projects – a dynamic and culturally inclined art gallery on 120 Main Reef Road, Benrose, Johannesburg.

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Article by Breaking Atomz